Monday, April 20, 2009

A night well worth bragging about, April 10th 2009, a beginning of a Movement!!!

Ok all of you, the party was just over a week ago and there is still a buzz going around about it. I still can't believe that Mario Ayala from the Aching Heart Foundation threw his guitar off a 5 foot stage, I wish that I could have seen my face, lol. You never know, maybe when the video comes out on I just might be able to see it, heck maybe it will be your face that I see. Whatever it is it will be great to watch again and again.

The Rain and the Sidewalk is a band that you just have to go and see live. They work so well together and there stage presence is one of a kind. I can't wait to see them again.

Tomgirl, Jess Hill, and Michelle Carter Leis are all outstanding vocalists and it was just amazing to see all three of them at the same event. As you could see at the show, they all have a great following and I look forward to seeing them all grow as artists.

Hunter´s Web was a great band and I found myself tapping along to the beat behind the bar as I watched everyone get up and start to dance. Once that started everyone was ready to party and awaited for Los Malos to help show the way, and did they every. Los Malos was so fun and we all had a great time.

You would think that that would be it for the evening, 7 great bands playing with Leo Rosales being the DJ's between sets. Oh no, VanMusic was far from being done and still had 3 awesome bands to come.

It was now time for The Get Down and that was what they did, got everyone to Get Down with them! What a fun time that was. By that time the dance floor was flowing and so was the beer. This was starting to become the best event of the year for myself!

It was around this time of the event that I had to ask myself, is there anyone that can follow The Get Down? Well Los Furios was up to the task and a task well done. There was not one person in that whole place that was not dancing, my girlfriend even left me behind the bar by myself to go dance. I found myself humming their tunes threw out this week.

Well it was coming to closing time and we needed a great way to finnish off the event with a scream, and how did we do that? By getting Sinister Black to play. Oh yeah it was great and they did a great job closing the show.

Yes it was fun and it was a great time and everyone had a blast. I just can't wait for the next VanMusic event. Make sure that you keep checking for all the latest concerts and live video's.

Remember, Be Part Of The Movement

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