Monday, August 17, 2009

August Long-2009 Sunshine Coast

This long weekend was one of the best weekends that I have had in a long time. I was invited by my girlfriend and her family to their family’s cabin about a hour away from Sechelt. This was the first time that I have ever been to the Sunshine Coast and I had amazing time.

My girlfriend Taryn and I began our adventure Thursday evening when we drove up with Taryn’s two younger brothers, Nick and Paul and also her older brother and his girlfriend Kyle and Carrie. We left at 7pm to catch our 830 reservation ferry, a good thing too because the ferry terminal was already full of anticipating travelers hoping to catch a ferry that evening.

The boat ride over was truly beautiful. Taryn and I sat there outside with the wind blowing freely threw our hair as we watched the sun slowly fall behind the coastline, the whole sky lit up with a color that I have never before seen, a powerful purple that covered the entire night sky that mirrored off the calm ocean water. All I could see was purple with what seemed to be these floating islands.

We arrived at the cabin around 11 that evening. It was pitch black all around and the only thing that I could see was warm blanket of stars covering the evening sky, a breathtaking view that us city dwellers rarely get to enjoy. I sat on that porch for a long time, just sitting there taking it all in.

The next morning I awoke to a smell that I have not been able to relate too in a very long time, the wilderness. As I opened the outside room door to go to the cabin for a coffee, there I saw for the first time their private lake that I have heard hundreds of stories about. A powerful site to see anytime of the day let alone when you open your bedroom door first thing in the morning.

As I entered the door to the dear head and antler decorated cabin to get my morning coffee, there before me at the front of the cabin was a full wall of windows over looking a glistening lake with mountain peeks as the background. Well, I stood there in amazement thinking, “This is going to be the best weekend yet!” Really, how could it not be fun? There we had kayaks, ATV’s, BB Guns with great company and my ever caring girlfriend.

I won’t get into anything too detailed over all the events of the weekend but I will give you a good taste. Whether in the warm lake with the 30+ degree sun or cooling off speeding down an old dirt trail on an ATV, the elements were at their prime. The days were completely free of any troubles or an agenda of any sorts. I spent a lot of the time with the guys running around having BB gun wars on the side of a mountain, nothing really too much to worry about as we all had protective eye wear on and used 12oz BB’s with the occasional 20oz snuck in.

The nights were filled with family and friends sitting around engaged in conversation and playing games as a group such as the very interesting game of cranium that we played. Other nights as the girls all talked in the living room, the guys would sit at the kitchen table playing crib as the youngster watched on picking up on the rules of the game so that they could play us the next morning.

All in all it was a weekend that soon won’t be forgotten. Even now, every time I hear a Jack Johnson song play, I have an instant flash back of lying on the dock with Jack playing in the background. This was a weekend that was dooly needed. I recommend that you leave your comments of your long weekend or even the best weekend you’ve had.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Day To Remember For All To Enjoy

What a week we all have had! Let’s see, umm there was Canada Day, the Vancouver Jazz Festival and the unfortunate announcement of the passing of Michael Jackson. I know that there has been a huge amount of publicity on MJ and in no way am I trying to ride the wave of his passing, but more of away pay respects to a legend, an icon and a family man who has left 3 beautiful children behind.

The passing of Michael Jackson was a day that none of us will soon forget for years to come. As I sat here watching the news, reading the headlines online. I sat there trying to piece together the reality that the King of Pop will never again entertain us live again, who always setting the standard with new dance moves, or being drawn to the latest headlines on the news because of something that “Wacko Jacko” was accused of. I’m not here to judge him or call him strange because quite frankly Al Sharpton said it best (among many wonderful things said at his memorial) to Michael’s kids, “Your father was not strange, he did strange things”. Let us all remember who MJ is and not the things that he was accused of doing. He was a true Superstar that loved to entertain and will always set the stage for generations to come.

Here at VanMusic we have been putting together a list of names for an International Music Day but have always been confused on what day we should have it on. Well we have finally come together on some possible days; we think that it should somehow involve the passing of Michael Jackson. When he passed, the internet social networking sites stopped, on his memorial, the internet social networking sites stopped. It’s reported that over a billion people watched the memorial of Michael Jackson. Wow, one person has made the World stop, think about it, that’s about 1/6 of the population of the world and they all stopped what they were doing to paid their respect to the self proclaimed and world wide excepted King of Pop.

Don’t you think that we should all have a day to stop and think about what music has really done for the people of the world? Here is your time to Be A Part Of History and sign this petition to make a World Wide Music Day, a day that we can respect music and what it has done for us also pay tribute an Icon Of Music.

We will all miss MJ know matter what he did off stage, we are not the one to judge, but know matter what he did we will all remember his songs, his legend and most of all his dance moves.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Car Free Day In Vancouver

Car Free Day in Vancouver is one of the better festivals to attend and support. This year it was on June 14 2009 at 5 locations in Vancouver. Like every year it was a lot of fun and a great turnout. There is something for everyone to take home with them; I bought a Pan Flute for myself.

Just walking down the streets, as far as the eye could see were all these different venues/organizations/stores with thousands of people walking, dancing and enjoying the smells of a car free zone. I spent hours checking out all the vendors from different areas of the world and what they have to share. Just getting to play with the different tools of music from around the world was what I spent most of my time on, but certainly not all of it.

Car Free Day is a festival and like all festivals there was live music in every direction at every car-free location. With so many different styles of music, it was hard not to dance and share together the happiness that music provided each and every one of us.

Well after partying on the streets all day it was finally time for the after party. There were 7 of us all wearing ponchos made out of handkerchiefs and a hat of our choice. Everyone knew when we got there because we busted in with a conga line. That was a hit, we had the whole dance floor join, but who really turns down a conga line?

The days activities were filled with dancing, laughing and having a hell of a time. It was a very successful festival and everyone can’t wait to do it all over again. Hey what can I say, when is the next Car Free Day?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Music Day Petition

This is the official petition that will be presented to the U.N. and/or the applicable countries. Music is a movement that is heard throughout the world. A freedom of speech that can't be silenced. With every generation in every type of culture you will find music. There are holidays all over the world from Ash Wednesday to Valentine's Day and everything in between and we feel that a Music Day deserves to be on that list. Please sign this petition and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Moment In Music

I was sitting on my back porch the other night trying to get the double beat down on my bongos (if your laughing then you obviously play the bongos and you know it was more of a practice then anything). I was sitting there banging away doing no justice to the beat I was trying to get. My girlfriend was there encouraging me along saying little things like “that sounded good” and “you almost had it”, when my neighbor showed up with his guitar to help guide me along when playing music.

It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot that night when it came to music. First he got me to find a beat that I was comfortable with, I found my rhythm pretty quickly with the help of Mark playing the guitar to the same simple beat that I was working on. When I was feeling the rhythm flow through my body escaping from my hands onto that coarse leather, Mark brought in another beat, a second beat that for now he was only playing, but it was not long soon after that I was throwing in those extra beats myself.

As the day slowly began turning into night with the sun setting its last rays of warmth on us… the air was full of music, music that said that this day will not end till its story was told. Never did I think that the story was ending, because before my eyes there the people came. Some of them came with their own instruments and some came simply just to listen. The power of music I sat there thinking!

As I sat there listening to the music of artists playing together for the first time I was in the moment, feeling the moment. Here and now the music plays, never again will we hear this music, it might be imitated, but it will never be duplicated. There we were, in the movement of music.

Often times I will sit there listening to music, thinking about what it means, what it means to me and what the artist’s message is. So many times I concern myself on what it means to me then to ever wonder what it might mean to someone else. Let me give you an example.

I am a sports fanatic that attends many sporting events a year. I go because I love the feel of the energy in the arena, and the hype of the local team as they try to become the best of the league. But between plays you hear the music over the load speaker. The longer the music plays, the more excited the fans become. Then the arena erupts in a “We Will, We Will, Rock You” chant as the music flows through their blood and the energy grows for their team. At the end of the game when the home team wins, you hear two songs, the first song is more of a chant these days but goes “nan nan nan nan, nan nan nan nan, hey hey hey, gooooodbbbbbye”, and the second one is from Queen “We are the Champions”.

Now to me and I’m sure to most of you, these songs mean victory. But to the opposing team, those songs that night meant defeat. It is truly amazing how much influence music can have with just one song or should I say the winning song.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Movement of Music

Music is a movement that is heard throughout the world. A freedom of speech that can't be silenced. With every generation in every type of culture you will find music. Today the power of music is so strong that company's are branding their name with a catchy tune or jingle.

Music is so powerful that it is often used to time travel. We use music to remember a loved one or even a prior friendship or relationship. As a time machine, music enables us to never forget. Countless times when a familiar song is heard, we are taken back to a different time, a time so vivid, you can even recall the smell in the air. When you reflect with old friends, use music and without fail you will sit there for hours talking about those times from way back when.

Next time you are walking down the street, start singing or humming a tune from when we were kids. You will find that people everywhere will start to sing along with you, don't believe me? Then start humming the sesame street song, see, everyone knows that one, even our kids.

You see, the movement of music is everywhere. I know that I have just barely touch on the subject, but I just wanted to share this little bit so that maybe next time when you hear that song, and you come back from that Blast from the Past, you'll take that moment to embrace the energy that music shares.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A night well worth bragging about, April 10th 2009, a beginning of a Movement!!!

Ok all of you, the party was just over a week ago and there is still a buzz going around about it. I still can't believe that Mario Ayala from the Aching Heart Foundation threw his guitar off a 5 foot stage, I wish that I could have seen my face, lol. You never know, maybe when the video comes out on I just might be able to see it, heck maybe it will be your face that I see. Whatever it is it will be great to watch again and again.

The Rain and the Sidewalk is a band that you just have to go and see live. They work so well together and there stage presence is one of a kind. I can't wait to see them again.

Tomgirl, Jess Hill, and Michelle Carter Leis are all outstanding vocalists and it was just amazing to see all three of them at the same event. As you could see at the show, they all have a great following and I look forward to seeing them all grow as artists.

Hunter´s Web was a great band and I found myself tapping along to the beat behind the bar as I watched everyone get up and start to dance. Once that started everyone was ready to party and awaited for Los Malos to help show the way, and did they every. Los Malos was so fun and we all had a great time.

You would think that that would be it for the evening, 7 great bands playing with Leo Rosales being the DJ's between sets. Oh no, VanMusic was far from being done and still had 3 awesome bands to come.

It was now time for The Get Down and that was what they did, got everyone to Get Down with them! What a fun time that was. By that time the dance floor was flowing and so was the beer. This was starting to become the best event of the year for myself!

It was around this time of the event that I had to ask myself, is there anyone that can follow The Get Down? Well Los Furios was up to the task and a task well done. There was not one person in that whole place that was not dancing, my girlfriend even left me behind the bar by myself to go dance. I found myself humming their tunes threw out this week.

Well it was coming to closing time and we needed a great way to finnish off the event with a scream, and how did we do that? By getting Sinister Black to play. Oh yeah it was great and they did a great job closing the show.

Yes it was fun and it was a great time and everyone had a blast. I just can't wait for the next VanMusic event. Make sure that you keep checking for all the latest concerts and live video's.

Remember, Be Part Of The Movement

Friday, March 20, 2009

Things are getting more exciting!!!

Well so here we are, its now March 20th (2 days before my birthday) and things are getting so exciting. The party is bigger then ever, everyone wants to Be Part Of The Movement!!! Things are running so smoothly that down here at VanMusic we are finally able to put some more time into other things like the website, editing, and well talking to bands and filming there shows. This is so much fun, when we first started doing this I knew this was going to be a fun adventure, but now that we are in the middle of it this is starting to be even better then I thought and its all because I'm Part Of The Movement!

Well cheers till next time and Be Part Of, oh you know the rest.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

VanMusic-March 15th 2009-Be Part Of The Movement

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know that for VanMusic it has been a very busy one. We are all busy adding content to the website for all the latest band info, upcoming events in the Metro Vancouver area. Check out the calender when there as March is now up to date and April will be finished soon.

Mark Fairybee from the The Get Down came by this weekend and invited Jason and myself to join them at CiTR for The Morning After Show on March 31st 2009. They are going to preforming live in the studio doing songs like "Hello". Its going to be a great time and of course VanMusic will have its camera's there to tape the whole thing. Make sure that you listen to 101.9 at 11:30am on March 31st 2009 for The Get Down with Jason and myself hosted by Oswaldo Perez.

So its now confirmed that Chelsea Johnson will be sitting down for an interview with VanMusic, make sure that you keep checking this blog to read the interview.

Well, have to get back to adding more content but I just wanted to check in and give you all an update to whats going on behind the scene at VanMusic. Be Part Of The Movement

Friday, March 13, 2009

Advance Ticket Sales

Happy Friday The 13th everyone. I just wanted to let you all know about the advance tickets for VanMusic Presents CiTR 10 Years of The Morning After Show. Email for tickets. The show is on April 10th 2009 at 2205 Commercial Drive. Doors open at 2pm and go all night. Advance tickets are only $10 so if you are planning on going after 8 pm then this will be the best way to save $10 or if you are bringing a date its like 2 for one. See you all at the show. Be Part Of The Movement


Thursday, March 12, 2009

VanMusic - Be Part Of The Movement March 12th 2009

Well what a few days we have had down at VanMusic! First VanMusic is on the Radio and now you can see our advertisement in this months issue of LA VANGUARDIA de Vancouver.

Enough of all that on to other things. Just in case you have been under a rock for the past month and have not heard about The Get Down's interview with Mark Fairybee, it is almost here, in fact, probaly by the time you finish reading this it will already be posted. The interview is great and it also gives you a preview of The Get Down's song that they are recording right now.

I ran into Chelsea Johnson today, you might just know her as the "Farting Idol". She is doing great and really liked about how CiTR and VanMusic were talking about her on the radio. This is just a rumor for right now however VanMusic is going to try and sit down with Chelsea for an interview soon so stay tuned for that.

Stay tuned for more

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VanMusic on CiTR doing The Morning After Show with Oswaldo

OK where do I start? Yesterday was amazing! We went there to what I thought was just going to be a small interview in the middle of the show and we ended up doing the whole show with Oswaldo!!! When we first went on air I had no clue that we were going on so soon and you can hear that in my voice, kinda funny really, but after a few moments I pulled it together and believe that we put on a good show. I have listened to the program over and over since getting home and loved it, yeah there were a few things that I wish would have done better we still put on a killer show. Near the end I got to give away tickets to the Starfucker show and put there song on the air, they turned out to be a pretty good band, I might just go check them out when they are in town.

Well we did not have time to do the commercial however we were able to talk to the people at CiTR about the upcoming show on April 10th 2009. I will not leak it out yet but the show is picking up motion and some of the things that are planned is even making the bands super excited to be part of it. Remember that tickets are going soon so to get your advance tickets for an amazing $10 make sure you email us at either Jordan or Jason. To find out more about the show you can always check out the website that is still under construction but still worth a look.

Check out the show

Have to go now but keep checking as I will be posting again soon.


Monday, March 9, 2009


Hi everyone just wanted to check in with you all. Ok so right now VanMusic is doing some crazy editing. Coming real soon you will get to see the first interview with The Get Down's own Mark Fairybee with VanMusic's own Gillian Callander. This will be coming out soon among other things on

If you are looking for tickets for the VanMusic Presents CiTR 10 Years of The Morning After Show on April 10th 2009 you can email or

If you are looking to Be Part Of The Movement remember to check out our website at

or join our facebook page at

Sunday, March 8, 2009

April 10th 2009-CiTR and VanMusic Launch Party

Ok so now things are getting exciting! We are still doing Oswaldo's 6 years at CiTR but now we are also doing the whole thing for CiTR, thats right, CiTR is joining forces with VanMusic and the party is now for the whole 10 years that The Morning After Show has been on the air. Our music lineup is scheduled to change a bit as we want music for everyone that enjoys different types of music and a little bit of what VanMusic has to offer. We have posted the bands that are playing so far at

Make sure you check out the "Morning After Show" with Oswaldo on Tuesday March 10th 2009 to hear a live interview with VanMusic's own Jason and Jordan as they launch the 1 month countdown to the CiTR and VanMusic's Launch Party. As well we will be doing a commercial while in the studio so make sure that you listen to CiTR and SFU radio station to hear it.

Well thats about it for now, just wanted to send a little info your way on some of the things that were discussed at the latest VanMusic meeting. Check back soon for more info because we are all hard at work putting this together for you, and personally I like to leak the news from behind the scene so remember to Be Part Of The Movement.

Friday, March 6, 2009

April 10th 2009-CiTR and VanMusic Launch Party

Ok so here we are about to throw the biggest party yet on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and everyone is excited!!! Well yeah, we have 7 bands so far and looking for the 8th and why not because this is going to be more then a 12 hour event.

Right now we have coming so far
  • Hawaiian Bibles
  • Los Malos
  • The Aching Heart Foundation
  • Los Furios
  • The Rain and Sidewalk
  • Sinister Black
  • Alberta's Hunter
Wow this is going to be great. Did I mention that this will all be filmed and can be viewed at Come check out our Facebook group

or you can check out the event at

Well stay tuned to hear whats going on behind the scene!