Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VanMusic on CiTR doing The Morning After Show with Oswaldo

OK where do I start? Yesterday was amazing! We went there to what I thought was just going to be a small interview in the middle of the show and we ended up doing the whole show with Oswaldo!!! When we first went on air I had no clue that we were going on so soon and you can hear that in my voice, kinda funny really, but after a few moments I pulled it together and believe that we put on a good show. I have listened to the program over and over since getting home and loved it, yeah there were a few things that I wish would have done better we still put on a killer show. Near the end I got to give away tickets to the Starfucker show and put there song on the air, they turned out to be a pretty good band, I might just go check them out when they are in town.

Well we did not have time to do the commercial however we were able to talk to the people at CiTR about the upcoming show on April 10th 2009. I will not leak it out yet but the show is picking up motion and some of the things that are planned is even making the bands super excited to be part of it. Remember that tickets are going soon so to get your advance tickets for an amazing $10 make sure you email us at either Jordan or Jason. To find out more about the show you can always check out the website that is still under construction but still worth a look.

Check out the show

Have to go now but keep checking as I will be posting again soon.


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