Sunday, March 15, 2009

VanMusic-March 15th 2009-Be Part Of The Movement

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know that for VanMusic it has been a very busy one. We are all busy adding content to the website for all the latest band info, upcoming events in the Metro Vancouver area. Check out the calender when there as March is now up to date and April will be finished soon.

Mark Fairybee from the The Get Down came by this weekend and invited Jason and myself to join them at CiTR for The Morning After Show on March 31st 2009. They are going to preforming live in the studio doing songs like "Hello". Its going to be a great time and of course VanMusic will have its camera's there to tape the whole thing. Make sure that you listen to 101.9 at 11:30am on March 31st 2009 for The Get Down with Jason and myself hosted by Oswaldo Perez.

So its now confirmed that Chelsea Johnson will be sitting down for an interview with VanMusic, make sure that you keep checking this blog to read the interview.

Well, have to get back to adding more content but I just wanted to check in and give you all an update to whats going on behind the scene at VanMusic. Be Part Of The Movement

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  1. very cool dude. looking forward to it. Make sure you are postin these on VM'sblog too!!

    It would be great if we could get some video of the citr show you guys are doing.

    We should get someone to come down and film it!