Friday, March 6, 2009

April 10th 2009-CiTR and VanMusic Launch Party

Ok so here we are about to throw the biggest party yet on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and everyone is excited!!! Well yeah, we have 7 bands so far and looking for the 8th and why not because this is going to be more then a 12 hour event.

Right now we have coming so far
  • Hawaiian Bibles
  • Los Malos
  • The Aching Heart Foundation
  • Los Furios
  • The Rain and Sidewalk
  • Sinister Black
  • Alberta's Hunter
Wow this is going to be great. Did I mention that this will all be filmed and can be viewed at Come check out our Facebook group

or you can check out the event at

Well stay tuned to hear whats going on behind the scene!

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