Sunday, March 8, 2009

April 10th 2009-CiTR and VanMusic Launch Party

Ok so now things are getting exciting! We are still doing Oswaldo's 6 years at CiTR but now we are also doing the whole thing for CiTR, thats right, CiTR is joining forces with VanMusic and the party is now for the whole 10 years that The Morning After Show has been on the air. Our music lineup is scheduled to change a bit as we want music for everyone that enjoys different types of music and a little bit of what VanMusic has to offer. We have posted the bands that are playing so far at

Make sure you check out the "Morning After Show" with Oswaldo on Tuesday March 10th 2009 to hear a live interview with VanMusic's own Jason and Jordan as they launch the 1 month countdown to the CiTR and VanMusic's Launch Party. As well we will be doing a commercial while in the studio so make sure that you listen to CiTR and SFU radio station to hear it.

Well thats about it for now, just wanted to send a little info your way on some of the things that were discussed at the latest VanMusic meeting. Check back soon for more info because we are all hard at work putting this together for you, and personally I like to leak the news from behind the scene so remember to Be Part Of The Movement.

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