Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Day To Remember For All To Enjoy

What a week we all have had! Let’s see, umm there was Canada Day, the Vancouver Jazz Festival and the unfortunate announcement of the passing of Michael Jackson. I know that there has been a huge amount of publicity on MJ and in no way am I trying to ride the wave of his passing, but more of away pay respects to a legend, an icon and a family man who has left 3 beautiful children behind.

The passing of Michael Jackson was a day that none of us will soon forget for years to come. As I sat here watching the news, reading the headlines online. I sat there trying to piece together the reality that the King of Pop will never again entertain us live again, who always setting the standard with new dance moves, or being drawn to the latest headlines on the news because of something that “Wacko Jacko” was accused of. I’m not here to judge him or call him strange because quite frankly Al Sharpton said it best (among many wonderful things said at his memorial) to Michael’s kids, “Your father was not strange, he did strange things”. Let us all remember who MJ is and not the things that he was accused of doing. He was a true Superstar that loved to entertain and will always set the stage for generations to come.

Here at VanMusic we have been putting together a list of names for an International Music Day http://www.vanmusic.ca/musicday but have always been confused on what day we should have it on. Well we have finally come together on some possible days; we think that it should somehow involve the passing of Michael Jackson. When he passed, the internet social networking sites stopped, on his memorial, the internet social networking sites stopped. It’s reported that over a billion people watched the memorial of Michael Jackson. Wow, one person has made the World stop, think about it, that’s about 1/6 of the population of the world and they all stopped what they were doing to paid their respect to the self proclaimed and world wide excepted King of Pop.

Don’t you think that we should all have a day to stop and think about what music has really done for the people of the world? Here is your time to Be A Part Of History and sign this petition to make a World Wide Music Day, a day that we can respect music and what it has done for us also pay tribute an Icon Of Music. http://www.vanmusic.ca/musicday

We will all miss MJ know matter what he did off stage, we are not the one to judge, but know matter what he did we will all remember his songs, his legend and most of all his dance moves.

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