Monday, August 17, 2009

August Long-2009 Sunshine Coast

This long weekend was one of the best weekends that I have had in a long time. I was invited by my girlfriend and her family to their family’s cabin about a hour away from Sechelt. This was the first time that I have ever been to the Sunshine Coast and I had amazing time.

My girlfriend Taryn and I began our adventure Thursday evening when we drove up with Taryn’s two younger brothers, Nick and Paul and also her older brother and his girlfriend Kyle and Carrie. We left at 7pm to catch our 830 reservation ferry, a good thing too because the ferry terminal was already full of anticipating travelers hoping to catch a ferry that evening.

The boat ride over was truly beautiful. Taryn and I sat there outside with the wind blowing freely threw our hair as we watched the sun slowly fall behind the coastline, the whole sky lit up with a color that I have never before seen, a powerful purple that covered the entire night sky that mirrored off the calm ocean water. All I could see was purple with what seemed to be these floating islands.

We arrived at the cabin around 11 that evening. It was pitch black all around and the only thing that I could see was warm blanket of stars covering the evening sky, a breathtaking view that us city dwellers rarely get to enjoy. I sat on that porch for a long time, just sitting there taking it all in.

The next morning I awoke to a smell that I have not been able to relate too in a very long time, the wilderness. As I opened the outside room door to go to the cabin for a coffee, there I saw for the first time their private lake that I have heard hundreds of stories about. A powerful site to see anytime of the day let alone when you open your bedroom door first thing in the morning.

As I entered the door to the dear head and antler decorated cabin to get my morning coffee, there before me at the front of the cabin was a full wall of windows over looking a glistening lake with mountain peeks as the background. Well, I stood there in amazement thinking, “This is going to be the best weekend yet!” Really, how could it not be fun? There we had kayaks, ATV’s, BB Guns with great company and my ever caring girlfriend.

I won’t get into anything too detailed over all the events of the weekend but I will give you a good taste. Whether in the warm lake with the 30+ degree sun or cooling off speeding down an old dirt trail on an ATV, the elements were at their prime. The days were completely free of any troubles or an agenda of any sorts. I spent a lot of the time with the guys running around having BB gun wars on the side of a mountain, nothing really too much to worry about as we all had protective eye wear on and used 12oz BB’s with the occasional 20oz snuck in.

The nights were filled with family and friends sitting around engaged in conversation and playing games as a group such as the very interesting game of cranium that we played. Other nights as the girls all talked in the living room, the guys would sit at the kitchen table playing crib as the youngster watched on picking up on the rules of the game so that they could play us the next morning.

All in all it was a weekend that soon won’t be forgotten. Even now, every time I hear a Jack Johnson song play, I have an instant flash back of lying on the dock with Jack playing in the background. This was a weekend that was dooly needed. I recommend that you leave your comments of your long weekend or even the best weekend you’ve had.

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